Kalyoncu Lab. on Antibody Engineering

Kalyoncu Lab. on Antibody Engineering


Antibodies currently represent more than half of the total sales of all biopharmaceutical products and their market size has been growing steadily. Because nature uses antibodies to fight against diseases, they have many advantages for therapeutic and diagnostic uses such as being highly target-specific, low immunogenicity and longer half-life. Most of therapeutic antibodies are full-length, but smaller antibody fragments are gaining more attention over the last decade. Right now, antibody fragments represent 15% of approved antibody therapeutics on the market but this number is increasing exponentially. Kalyoncu Lab aims to design, discover, engineer and characterize antibody fragments for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.


Our goal is to develop antibody fragments in several formats for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Currently, our research interests are: (1) Development of antibody fragments such as Fab, scFv, VH from full-length antibodies and their test and characterization for therapeutic or diagnostic use. (2) Several protein engineering approaches such as linker design, protein fusions and conjugates to develop next-generation antibody fragments (3) Antibody discovery for novel targets by phage display and yeast surface display

Sibel Kalyoncu Research Schematic