Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (IBG) has effectively started to operate in January 2018 within the scope of law no. 6550 as the first Thematic Research Center of Turkey. The mission of IBG is to develop innovative technologies and products for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases using basic research in life sciences as a driving force. Located within the Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) health campus, IBG houses IBG-NEVCELL and IBG Drug Analysis and Control Lab. with totally 30 basic and translational research program , technological research program , industrial r&d program working on biomedicine and genome sciences. The Center has 9 total core facilities, which of 6 are open for the use of all public and private sector institutions in Turkey.

IBG is a ‘Research Infrastructure’ with a public legal entity. The idea of founding such an establishment under Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) dates back 15 years. IBG became operational as an Application and Research Center in 2014 and then became a Research Institute in 2015. IBG’s Board of Directors is composed of professors of DEU university, representatives of other higher education institutions, senior scientists and managers with expertise in their field from the private sector, relevant public bodies and non-governmental organisations.

IBG has an enclosed space of approximately 26.650m2 , which includes the laboratories and offices of Principal Investigators, cell culture laboratories, equipped rooms for common use, the Aziz Sancar Auditorium, seminar halls, meeting rooms and lounges. 6,600 m2 of the total space is allocated to core facilities.

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