System and Network Administrator

Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (IBG) is looking for a full-time System and Network Administrator for the Information Technologies Department.


1.     Graduated from Computer, Information Technologies related collage. (Electronic Communication, Electric and Electronic, Computer Engineering faculty degree is preferable),

2.     At least 5 year professional experience in field,

3.     Having a Cisco Certified Network Administrator Certificate or any international network administration certificate (Preferable),

4.     Having a VMware Certified Certificate or any international virtualization systems administration certificate (Preferable),

5.     Being able to read technical documentation, have email conversations with solution providers/manufacturers in English,

6.     Having knowledge of Python scripting language and experience with IOT Devices (Preferable),

7.     Having experience with fundamental and advanced network components and enterprise level systems KVM/VMware Virtualization, IP Telephony PBXs, Cisco and HPE backbone edge and backbone switches, copper cabling and termination, IP security cameras,

8.     Having an honest character, be able to have responsibility by self and able to create periodically generated reports,

9.     Being able to create documentation (Procedures and task definitions) about self responsibilities about ISO 27001 certification process.


1.     Maintenance and expansion of enterprise level server virtualization, backup jobs, collaboration services, file servers,

2.     Maintenance, expansion (when it is necessary) of wired and wireless network of the institute,

3.     Communication with service providers. Creating projects when transition is necessary,

4.     Creating technical requirement documents, following purchasing process and completing by creating acceptance documents of all network hardware and software, services,

5.     Managing, maintaining and implementing firewall. Creating protection procedures from threats and creating institutional communication security plans. Auditing and reporting these processes,

6.     Maintaining IP Security Camera systems,

7.     Communicating with the firms who supply support services to the institute,

8.     Starting a purchasing process of pc, server, phones, cameras and wireless network Access point devices. Managing their licencing processes,

9.     Responsible as Administrator of Information Security in ISO 27001 Information and Communication Security process.