As Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center, we wish all women a happy 8th of March International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is not only a day which celebrates the social, economic and professional successes of women, but also acts as a call to raise awareness on women’s equality and accelerate gender equality. The most significant aspect of this day is the fact that it is celebrated by all who advocate human rights globally, regardless of any group, political view or community.

Each year, International Women’s Day inspires us to change certain continuing habits and to create a world where gender discrimination does not exist. We believe that with all their diversity and talents, women and girls should be represented in every arena and all cultural, social, economic and political positions. Science should also be among these of course. We think it’s very important to guide more girls towards the four areas of study known as STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and to encourage them to discover their creative sides. We are aware that women who receive a STEM education should be represented on an equal level internationally with their male counterparts. 8th of March reminds us that we still have a long way to go in terms of providing equal opportunities and working conditions, supporting women who have given birth to prevent them from falling behind in their professions, to help women on a career break to come back to their professions and to include women more in decision-making mechanisms.

The equality of opportunities is among the top priorities for IBG, where 53% of its employees are women.14 out of the 30 research groups and platforms at IBG are being led by women. These researchers have been awarded numerous times on national and international levels with awards and funding.

We are very happy to always aim to improve ourselves further and to do our part on raising awareness.