EMBO bioinformatics core facility management course

EMBO bioinformatics core facility management course

EMBO Practical Course - Research to service: planning and running a bioinformatics core facility

The EMBO Practical Course will take place between 8-12 April 2019 at IBG.

Computational core facilities play a vital role in enabling molecular life sciences, and the number of such facilities has grown considerably. There are many relatively inexperienced managers of core facilities who often have to juggle their own research projects with the development and operation of services. This can be exceptionally challenging, not least because scientific impact tends only to be recognised and rewarded for research. This EMBO Practical Course will provide an opportunity for aspiring new managers of core facilities, especially those with one foot in the research camp, to learn from experienced core facility managers how to build a framework for the future development, resourcing, operation and impact assessment of their core services.

EMBO Uygulama Kursu The EMBO Practical Course will not be a ‘classical’ bioinformatics course, but it will focus on the business development and resource and data management aspects of running a core facility. It will have a high proportion of practical content in which participants solve problems relevant to their own core facility. By the end of the course, participants will have learned how to:

• Identify the strengths and limitations of their core facility and prioritise areas for improvement,
• Design bioinformatics services and training using a user-centred approach,
• Estimate the resources (computational and human) needed to operate their facility effectively,
• Support their users to factor their bioinformatics needs into projects at an early stage.

On the final day of the EMBO Practical Course, participants will develop a personal plan to put what they’ve learned into practice in their own core facilities.

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