EuroHPC Support for Organoid Morphology Analysis System Development

EuroHPC Support for Organoid Morphology Analysis System Development

The project based on the development of a system that performs morphology analyzes of organoids, prepared jointly by IBG's Therapeutic Bioengineering research group and Bioinformatics Platform (BIP), has been awarded GPU support by EuroHPC.

Organoids are primary or stem cell-derived three-dimensional structures that recapitulate the three-dimensional structures of organs and systems and enable the examination of their basic functions and biological infrastructures. The processes of generating these structures in the laboratory are expensive and quite time-consuming. It is possible to accelerate this process based on artificial intelligence and provide cost savings.

The artificial intelligence-supported morphology analysis system of organoids will be able to quickly and accurately evaluate organoid images with a large amount of heterogeneous morphology, which are very prone to error by human evaluation. In this context, with the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) support provided by The European High-Performance Computer Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC) , researchers will be able to quickly analyze organoids containing a large number of images.

The project is collaborative work of Therapeutic Bioengineering Laboratory Members Assoc. Dr. Sinan GÜVEN, Burak KAHVECİ and members of BIP Bioinformatics Platform Assoc. Dr. Gökhan KARAKÜLAH and Alirıza ARIBAŞ.

Developed Organoid Morphology Analysis System aims to carry out experimental processes in organoids faster and at a lower cost by minimizing human-based errors.