Voluntary Internship Programme For Undergraduate Students

It is a known fact that changing conditions due to the pandemic have restricted the ability of gaining practical experience in laboratories, which is highly significant for the education of undergraduate students. As IBG, we provide the opportunity for undergraduate students in their 3rd years and above, registered under relevant programmes, to do voluntary internships in IBG laboratories to gain practical laboratory experience. We invite students willing to do a 4-month voluntary internship in the laboratories of Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center during the 2021 fall semester to have a look at our research programmes and make an application, after contacting the group leader of the laboratory they would like to do an internship in.

Who can apply?

Those undergraduate students:

*Includes universities which have signed bilateral agreements with IBG (Dokuz Eylül University and Ege University) or institutions which accept to pay the internship insurance of the student for the duration of the internship.

How to apply?

The candidate should identify the research group or platform they would like to do their internship in, and should apply directly by emailing the research group leader or platform director (you may access the current research topics of the groups and platforms as well as the relevant email addresses form the following link: https://www.ibg.edu.tr/research/ ). In the application email, they should state their work motivation and reasons for the chosen internship group, and they should attach their CV and transcript to the email.

Important note:

In order for the application for internship to be approved, it is compulsory for students to submit the internship insurance document they will get from their institution. In the event of a candidate not meeting the insurance requirements, they will not be able to do an internship, even if they get accepted by a research group.

When to apply?

The application needs to be emailed by 5 October 2021.

Important Dates:

Start of internship: 18 October 2021
End of internship: 14 January 2022
Final date for submitting internship documents**: 11 October 2021

** Transcript, Insurance Document, Covid-19 Vaccination Card"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do a voluntary internship after my graduation?
A: No, you cannot become an intern after graduation.
Q: Does the university, which I am registered, have to supply my internship insurance? Can I do it myself?
A: Only the university where you are registered can supply your insurance. Apart from this, an institution or person cannot supply internship insurance.
Q: How do I make my application?
A: You can make the application by sending an e-mail to the group leader whose laboratory you want to work in.
Q: How will the internship hours be arranged? I will have lessons.
A: During the internship, your working hours and program will be determined by you and the group leader who accepted you.
PS: We kindly ask you not to send e-mails on the issues clearly stated above.

For any questions, please email the following address: internship@ibg.edu.tr

INTERNSHIP applications have closed. Thank you for your interest.